You Can Now Buy the TUMI Aluminum Briefcase from 'Bullet Train'

TUMI has just released its 19 Degree Aluminum Briefcase that’s featured in the upcoming film Bullet Train. The case that every assassin is looking for in the film sees a modern silhouette with fluid angled lines crafted from aluminum.

Weighing a little over seven pounds, the case also features a combination lock, a Bullet Train luggage tag, and a custom story patch. Ensuring that this fits the lifestyle of contemporary business travelers, the case also sees a removable leather laptop portfolio, two file pockets, two elastic pockets, pen loops, and a TUMI tracer tag.

Priced at roughly $1,850 USD, the TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum Briefcase from Bullet Train only sees 150 examples and can be found now over at TUMI’s online store.

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