Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Strikes a Perfect Chord With Skylar Astin

When it comes to musicals, Skylar Astin is a seasoned pro. In addition to his role in the Pitch Perfect films, the actor has starred on Broadway and made appearances on shows like Glee and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Now, he’s stepping right back into the spotlight with his role on NBC’s new musical dramedy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. The show follows the life of a computer coder named Zoey (Jane Levy) who suddenly develops the ability to hear people’s inner thoughts through popular songs, including that her best friend Max (Astin) has been harboring secret feelings for her.

While the show certainly feels reminiscent of Glee or Pitch Perfect, one of the main things that drew Astin to the script was that it offers something completely new to the musical genre. “[The characters on Glee and Pitch Perfect] get to sing in context of their own choir room and in context of performances that they have and we are a [bit] different,” Astin told POPSUGAR. “We use a different kind of imagination. It’s a little bit more cerebral and ethereal in how music is interwoven and introduced throughout the series. It comes as a surprise every time, which I think is really special. With Pitch Perfect and Glee, since the singing and the performing gets talked about so much in the narratives, it doesn’t come as much as a surprise because we are anticipating this big performance that’s going to happen probably at the end of the episode.”

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