28 Ways to Style Hunter Boots That Don't Involve Black Leggings and a Raincoat

With a Pleated Skirt and Cinched Blazer

I don’t want to lie to you: I’ve styled my own Hunter boots with leggings and a hoodie more times than I can count. I’m tired of that combination, but I’m not tired of the shoes, which are extremely functional in the rain and snow, and also straight-up cool to look at. These days, Hunter offers rugged, lace-up hiking boots (which happen to be totally on trend), a Chelsea style in shades like periwinkle and sunshine yellow, and even heeled options for a sophisticated work ensemble.

So think about the variety of looks we can make with them! If you dream big, you can get away with subbing in your Hunter boots for pumps with a floral maxi or low-top sneakers with a sundress. In the Winter, you can play around with knee socks and printed trousers that skim the top of your ankle rise pair. Ahead, find the 28 great solutions I came up with for my “I’m so bored” conundrum, then shop some of my favorite selects from the site.

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