60 Weird But Awesome Things Under $30 On Amazon Prime

Standout gifts can be hard to come by. After all, how do you think the fruitcake became the stuff of gift-giving legends? If you’re the kind of person who eschews gift cards and likes to ensure that your presents are the ones that leave folks talking, chuckling, and perhaps even doing a little head-scratching, there’s no better place to take a walk on the wild side than online. Getting a remarkable gift doesn’t have to break the bank, either: Check out, for example, these weird but awesome gifts under $30 on Amazon Prime that are sure to leave those on your list with something to talk about.

These aren’t just creepy gag gifts your loved ones will consign to the depths of their closets, either — here you’ll find useful items that just happen to live a bit off the beaten path. You’ll find everything from these acupressure slippers, a totally bizarre-looking but thoughtful gift for anyone who has to be on their feet a lot or simply enjoys a relaxing massage, to the motion-activated night light that goes inside the toilet rim to light the way without harsh overhead lights and features eight color choices (it can also rotate through a light show).

See? Just those two selections alone would be perfect for almost anyone and are available with two-day Prime shipping…and yet you can choose from TK more items on this list that also meet those very criteria. Put down the fruitcake and keep those gift cards for yourself — it’s time to get shopping!

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