8 chic and cosy buys for autumn from indie brands

Written by Stylist Team

Summer is well and truly over which means only one thing: it’s time to lean into autumn. So, here are eight chic buys for autumn across fashion, home and beauty from some of our favourite independent brands on The Drop by Stylist.   

From ethically sourced sheepskin slippers (in a choice of three patterns) and chic tissue boxes that’ll make coming down with a cold slightly more bearable, to a kit that’ll keep your candles in top-notch condition and a 100-day journaling challenge pack, scroll down to discover some of our bestselling buys that’ll make your autumn approximately 182% better… and who doesn’t want that?

  • Catherine Tough Lambswool & Sheepskin Slippers

    The Drop: Catherine Tough Slippers

    While Crocs, Birkenstocks and flip-flops make ideal summer slipper stand-ins, the return of chilly evenings calls for something cosier. If your feet agree, then Catherine Tough’s ethically-sourced lambswool and sheepskin slippers will make their day.

    Shop Catherine Tough lambswool & sheepskin slippers, £56

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  • Their Nibs Crane Blossom Satin PJs

    The Drop: Their Nibs Satin PJs

    On the hunt for a slice of everyday luxury? Nothing beats slipping into a set of silky pyjamas. The navy blue and pale pink crane blossom print, inspired by vintage hand-block bird patterns, lends a stylish art deco feel. 

    Shop Their Nibs crane blossom satin PJs, £35

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  • HOLM ‘Lift Me Up’ Bath Oil

    The Drop: HOLM Uplifting Bath Oil

    Bath season has arrived (for some, it never went away) and if you’re anything like us, your supply of soaking products is running dangerously low. The first in line for a seasonal restock? House of Lady Muck’s Lift Me Up bath oil, with an exclusive 20% saving only on The Drop by Stylist.

    Shop HOLM ‘lift me up’ bath oil, £22

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  • Bob The Brand Animal Letter Sweatshirt

    The Drop: BOB The Brand Animal Letter Sweatshirt

    As long-time fans of personalised initial T-shirts, the Great Autumn Transition often leaves us bereft at our lack of monogrammed wardrobe staples that are suitable for chillier weather. The answer? Transfer personalised lettering to a cosy wardrobe basic. Enter: Bob The Brand’s made-to-order initial sweatshirt.

    Shop Bob The Brand animal letter sweatshirt, £38

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  • Dar Leone Tissue Box Cover

    The Drop: Dar Leone Tissue Box

    If you’ve seen the headlines, you’ll know that health experts are tipping this winter to be riddled with colds, with a brutal version already making its way around the UK. We’re expecting to be clutching a wad of tissues soon enough and to make the experience slightly more pleasant, we’ll be housing them in one of Dar Leone’s colourful tissue box covers.

    Shop Dar Leone tissue box cover, £25

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  • Bonita Stiff Brim Wool Fedora

    The Drop: Bonita Personalised Wool Fedora

    No need to mourn the post-summer retirement of straw and canvas hats – brimmed styles are very much still on the cards and Bonita’s winter fedora is the perfect example of a cold weather-ready version. Bonus: it’s available in nine colours and four sizes. 

    Shop Bonita stiff brim wool fedora, £54

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  • Elm Rd Candle Care Toolkit

    The Drop: Elm Rd Luxury Candle Care Tools Kit

    With £5 off on The Drop, Elm Rd’s do-it-all candle kit – complete with a wick trimmer, dipper and snuffer, presented on a stylish matte black stainless steel tray – is everything you need to keep your collection burning bright.

    Shop Elm Rd candle care toolkit, £30

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  • Lethally Her Ultimate Journaling Kit

    The Drop: Lethally Her The Ultimate Journaling Kit

    With 20% off on The Drop, this set was designed to help correct unhealthy patterns of thinking. Complete with all the stationery and prompts you need for 100 days of mindful reflection, why not start journaling this autumn? 

    Shop Lethally Her ultimate journaling kit, £20

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