Amazon Shoppers Say This Stylist-Recommended Shampoo Fixes Brassy Hair Within Two Washes, and It's 50% Off

If it's been months since you've seen the inside of a hair salon, you're not alone. In fact, you're metaphorically in a very crowded elevator, all of our hair rivalling Taraji P. Henson's butt-grazing extensions for length (but way more scraggly and with outrageous roots). No one could've seen a plague coming, so if you were beholden to a stylist's gifted dye job for happy hair, good news: Amazon shoppers say one on-sale shampoo is the next best thing for beating back brassy tones. 

Especially for brunettes, Amazon shoppers pledge that Joico's Color Balance Blue Shampoo is a holy grail for keeping hair from veering into unpleasantly orange territory. Reviewers write that it's rescued them from all sorts of miserable situations, from a wrecked dye job saved before a wedding to sun and chlorine damage reversed without a salon visit. The before-and-after photos are my favorite part: Artificial-looking french fry-yellow and orange strands are magically transformed into cool, natural hues.     

The logic checks out according to the laws of color theory, with blue opposite orange on the color wheel and thus able to cancel it (the same thinking applies for silvery blondes and purple shampoo). A shopper writing from the simpler days of 2019 says that her stylist recommended the blue shampoo, and within a single wash her "ugly orange, brassy color" transformed into the subtle blonde balayage she was looking for.

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo

Shop now: $17 (Originally $34);

Another commenter wrote that she'd gone through hell trying to achieve the ashy silver color she wanted, her naturally brunette shade twisting any bleach or highlight into an orange brass — "AND THEN this shampoo arrived. A MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!!!" she writes of the currently half-off buy. "My hair has never looked better." Other shoppers back her up, writing that coworkers say they look blonder after using it twice a week. 

For more intensity, others recommend using it on dry hair for a mess-free, stain-free, low-effort toning treatment. Either way, the results are instantaneous. "I'm still in shock over the difference after just one use," one reviewer commented. "The brassiness is gone and my expensive highlights are back!" May we all know such a happy ending. 

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