Baby guru shows how to activate kids’ ‘poop button’ to relieve painful constipation in seconds

A BABY guru has revealed a simple and easy massaging move which can ease painful constipation in babies within seconds. 

Elina Furmanm, who is a mum and certified massage instructor, shared a video on TikTok showing her useful parenting tip. 

For children who are constipated, Elina, who is the CEO of Kahlmi which specialises in baby massage, explains that pressing a few pressure points on the soles of their feet is all you need to help your little one out. 

While demonstrating her movements, she said in the video: “First with reflexology just rub across the small intestine and the large intestine, then make small circles in the middle of the foot.”

In the video she displays her technique using a dummy baby, and explains that a baby's foot will correspond to organs. 

She wrote: “You won’t believe how fast they poop.

Experts in acupressure all agree that applying the correct touch on the 'poop button' can relieve you of many issues, from period cramps to stomach problems, and – of course – constipation.

Constipation is a common complaint in children, accounting for approximately three per cent of paediatric outpatient visits and 25 per cent of visits to paediatric gastroenterologists, according to health24. 

Children suffering from chronic constipation not only endure physical discomfort and complications, but also suffer emotional and behavioural problems. 

According to the NCT, a 2004 study found that intensive care unit babies who were massaged spent less time in hospital, had slightly better scores on developmental tests than babies who weren’t massaged and had slightly fewer postnatal complications.

How to activate the ‘Poop Button’

1. Note that baby's feet correspond to organs 

2. Rub across to energise small & large intestines

3. Small circles at solar plexus in middle of foot 

4. Repeat on both feet

One expert on the site wrote: "You might also talk softly, hum or sing to them while massaging to create a sense of calm and reassurance for your baby

"It can also be helpful to start baby massage after your baby’s six week check so any issues with development, such as hip dysplasia, might be identified".

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