Beach Babe Swimwear Line By Sara Cristina Is Giving Mermaid Vibes With New Color Palette

This luxury swimwear line is whipping out the iridescent colors for swim season 2019.

Those into luxury swimwear likely know of Sara Cristina Villasmil and her brother David De Lima, the creators of the high fashion swimwear line. For those who are unfamiliar, Sara Cristina is a swimwear brand created by the two siblings, who were born and raised in the Venezuelan Coastal town of Puerto La Cruz. As they have stated on the About Me section of the swimwear website for the Sara Cristina line, the siblings chose colors that give off the “essence of the beach.” Forbes recently reported on the newest items to come from the sassy luxury brand, and the beach vibes are now being joined by iridescent mermaid shades.

This luxury line currently comes out of New York City, New York. Sara Cristina is high quality and high fashion swimwear that focuses on giving ladies a sleek and feminine silhouette while they soak up some sun rays, go for a dip, or relax in a hot tub. Wherever worn, this new color palette and the various unique designs from Sara Cristina for Spring and Summer 2019 are campaigning to turn heads.

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Turn into a golden goddess with the Nerea Cover-up and the Gala One-Piece. Available now in our website. #SaraCristina

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Sara Cristina herself has spoken out about what she looks for in a bathing suit. She went further to explain her deep interest in women’s swimwear and why she and her brother started the swimwear line, named after herself.

“I often struggled to find elegant, yet minimalistic and fun bathing suits, which made me believe there was a market for a different type of swimwear. So, one day I thought I would try myself, and made my own bikini at my mother’s little atelier in Lechería. My friends loved it and I started making bathing suits for them as well. That was how it began and in 2014, my brother David De Lima and I decided to create Sara Cristina. He has a great aesthetic vision and has been our compass to bring what I started as just a little experiment to the world.”

This seasons newest designs from the Sara Cristina line are both bikinis and one pieces, but all come in the iridescent mermaid shades.

Last year, Lemontrends ran an interview with Sara Cristina, gaining deeper insight into what she enjoys most about her work, what it’s like being a Venezuelan designer and living in New York City, as well as getting all the details about her inspiration. Cristina also discussed at least three reasons why she believes she and the brand have been such a success.

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