Best 2018 Winter reads: the new novels you need to make it through the colder months

And if you're not sure where to start, allow us to help – these new novels are our top picks for the perfect Winter reads.

The Caregiver, by Samuel Park

This highly anticipated and moving novel was completed before Park's untimely death in April 2017.

The Caregiver tells the story of a Brazilian immigrant named Mara who finds work in America caring for a young woman with terminal stomach cancer.

Expect beautiful highs and heart-breaking lows in this wonderful tale, which all at once explores the joys of living and the complexities around death.

Pour yourself a warming hot drink, and prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

The Lido, by Libby Page

Hailed as 2018’s answer to the best-selling Eleanor Oliphant is Is Completely Fine, The Lido is a hot pick for feel-good novel of the year.

Through the timeless story of unlikely friendship, The Lido takes us on a journey where the novels two main characters, Kate and Rosemary, bond over swimming.

Despite different backgrounds, ages and circumstances, the duo develop a unique companionship. Page writes a beautiful testament to the joys that being kind to strangers can bring.

Ordinary People, by Diana Evans

Diana Evans’ Ordinary People tackles relationships, politics and race all with a delicate hand, bringing the tales of two couples to life.

Melissa and Michael, and Damian and Stephanie are two young couples living in London.

As we follow the story of these relationships, minor incidents and tiny misunderstandings spiral uncontrollably.

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Boomer1, by Daniel Torday

For a hilarious winter read that provides social commentary on millennials and baby boomers alike, choose Torday’s Boomer1.

We Meet Mark, a 30-year-old man who is struggling with debt; Cassie, Mark’s ambitious and creative girlfriend; and Julia, Mark’s nostalgic mother.

Frustrated by his perceived inability to succeed, Mark creates an online alias advocating the professional succession of millennials over baby boomers.

Boomer1's humour is matched by its meditation on character circumstance, and ultimately the incredible consequences of Mark's actions.

The Immortalists, by Chloe Benjamin

The Immortalists tackles the relationship between four siblings, their lives and deaths, in an incredibly sensitive narrative.

In their younger years the siblings visit a fortune teller, in turn discovering the exact date they’re going to die.

The Immortalists explores the impact of such knowledge on the siblings decisions, and what may or may not be self-fulfilled.

We predict that if you want a thought-provoking read this winter, this is the one for you.

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