Brace Yourselves for Ford’s Surprising Collaboration With Versace

Think these white Ford sneakers belong to a NASCAR pit crew member? Nope, they’re squeaky clean and sans car grease. Maybe they’re just some branded merch from a seriously cool auto show? Wrong again. The sneakers are actually part of Versace’s new Fall/ Winter 2019 menswear collection.

Like any men’s fashion week in Milan, this year’s Versace show featured male models parading down the runway to bass-thumping beats in bold, fashion-forward looks. (This show featured bondage-inspired harness-printed tops, leather pants, and pops of color so bright they could be detected from space.) In other words, everything seemed business as usual—that is, until the iconic blue Ford logo made its eyebrow-raising appearance on a series of Versace hoodies, pants, and sneakers.

Few people would have expected the iconic American auto manufacturer to collaborate with an Italian luxury fashion label. After all, the rugged guys most of us would imagine behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 Raptor don’t exactly seem like the target demo for leopard print coats and silky, hot pink shirts. So why bother?

“A type of equilibrium is achieved when you blend a luxury brand with an attainable one,” says Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln Motor Company and Ford’s chief marketing officer. “The success of this and other collections like it proves that people enjoy it. It surprises them in a fun way.”

Here are a few more of our favorite looks from the collection’s debut. Buckle up.


Logomania at its finest: Versace allows the Ford logo to run the gamut from mild to wild—deploying it first as a more traditional graphic emblazoned across the chest of a hoodie to an all-over-print on what would otherwise be just another typical white button-down shirt. In keeping with Versace’s “more is more” ethos, they layer a leopard print over the shirt, pushing pattern mixing to its (speed) limits.

Versace/ Getty

These baggy logo-printed trousers have the relaxed ease of a lounge pant that call to mind a hungover Saturday morning. You know, the kind where you’re waiting to be picked up to go on a Starbucks run for a large coffee and a trusty egg sandwich. It’s that vibe—only much more stylish. If the pockets of our (decidedly less stylish) sweats were lined with wads of cash, this would be the look we’d swap in to look effortlessly cool, even when we’re dehydrated.

Versace/ Getty

A racing jacket is by far the most natural way to sport the Ford logo with some badass attitude. Imagine rolling into the office with a power jacket that screams “start your engines” even if your normal, nine-to-five workwear look is all business. (If only the price of the souped-up jacket didn’t run more than most people’s actual wheels.)

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