Can you find the hidden symbols in this picture? It could reveal one of your worst personality traits

WHAT you spot first in this picture could reveal one of your worst personality traits – so what do you see?

Visual personality tests take just seconds – and it's thought they could give you a better understanding of the different characteristics that make up who you truly are.

In this optical illusion, viewers should be able to see the woman, the river, the bridge and the boat.

And what your eyes are drawn to first is said to say a lot about your most narcissistic personality trait.

In general, narcissists have a distorted sense of self-image with a need for constant admiration, and they often have a lack of empathy.

What do you see first in the image?

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The woman

If you spotted the woman first, your worst personality trait is your focus on physical appearances.

It doesn't mean you're vain, or you always judge others by the way they look – but it's something you do when you're stressed out, or feel out of place.

And you have a tendency to build yourself up by comparing your own physical appearance to others.

You can't help but look at your physical appearance in yourself and others when you feel insecure.

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The river

If you saw the river when you first looked at the picture, your worst personality trait is your focus on your social status, according to Your Tango.

You understand the quality of your relationships with other people matter more than anything – but you can have a hard time shifting your focus from your own career pursuits to the people you love.

It means people's social status can mean a lot more to you than how they treat you or others.

The bridge

If you spotted the bridge first, your worst personality trait is your lack of empathy.

Having a lack of empathy doesn't mean you are a cold person or someone who is incapable of having feelings.

But being aware of someone else's feelings isn't always your first thought and it's not always your first instinct to check in with others.

The boat 

If you saw the boat when you first glanced at the image, your worst personality trait is your sense of self-importance.

You might be an awesome person, but you don't need to make life more difficult by assuming you have all the skills to do any and every job on the planet.

Sometimes it's important to let your ego go by the wayside and depend on the skills of others at times.

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