Celeb foodie Ferne McCann says we've been eating pears all wrong for years – & shared the right way it should be done | The Sun

APPARENTLY we have been eating pears all wrong according to one celebrity.

Towie star Ferne McCann has been shocking people with the correct way to eat a pear. 

She shared the correct way you are supposed to eat a pear in a TikTok video online.

Ferne said: “Let me teach you how to eat a pear.”

She said: “We have been getting it wrong for such a long time.”

The mum confessed she had only learnt the right way recently. 

She admitted: “I only learned this recently.”

Instead of eating a pear like an apple and eating around the core you actually just bite the top off (the stem) and eat the rest of the pair. 

There will be a core in the middle with seeds that you can simply eat around. 

Ferne said: “A pear. You do not eat like an apple.

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She said: “Mind blown. Literally.”

Regardless you could tell Ferne was enjoying her juicy pair “Mmm,” she said. 


Ferne’s video racked up over 690,000 views people were stunned to learn they had been eating pairs wrong their whole lives. 

One user confessed: “34 and I only learn this today whattt. Yes FerneI'm going to buy some later just for this haha, love a good fruit salad on  days.”

Another said: “I always kinda ate around as if I was some kinda core like an apple only 24 years old how I’ve got it wrong.”

“Wow unbelievable,” a third. 

A fourth viewer confessed: “God I always peeled the pair and cut it up.”

But many viewers say they had always been eating pears this way. 

One user said: “Always eaten mine like that.”

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Another said: “Don’t everyone do that anyway.”

“I'm so confused. isn't that the normal way?” said a third.

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