Christie Brinkley Shares Daughter Sailor's Very Different Halloween Looks Over the Years

Sexy Halloween costumes are a pretty common sight at Halloween parties, but for Christie Brinkley, seeing her daughter all grown up in a sassy Pretty Woman get-up gave her a huge dose of nostalgia.

The 64-year-old model shared a throwback photo of her daughter, 20-year-old model Sailor Brinkley Cook, as a young baby dressed up as Madeline from the popular children’s book when she was a tiny toddler and split the image with Sailor’s Pretty Woman costume from this year.

Brinkley quoted the famous lines of the story in her caption writing: “They left the house at half past nine / In two straight lines in rain or shine- / The smallest one was Madeline….From Madeline to Pretty Woman in the blink of an eye!!!!”

Sailor was identical to the cartoon thanks to the bright red wig, blue coat with Peter Pan collar and her infamous yellow hat. And this year, she nailed the look again, perfectly channeling Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian Ward, in the white and blue mini dress featuring a mid-section cutout, plus she donned those infamous thigh-high boots.

In Sailor’s Instagram post from the night she quoted a line from the movie: “Baby, I’m going to treat ya so nice you’re never gonna wanna let me go.”

In 2012, another Hollywood star wore the Vivian Ward costume that looks identical to Sailor’s. Emma Roberts paid homage to her aunt’s famous role by transforming into the 1990’s film heroine in the risqué ensemble.

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