Cleaning fanatics are soaking their loo seats in the bath to clean them – but some reckon it’s just too gross

DEEP cleaning the home can be tough – but what do you do about your toilet seat?

Some homeowners have been sharing how they remove their loo seat entirely and soak it in the bath, but others have hailed this as gross.

A photo of the trick was shared on the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks and has divided cleaning fans. 

In the shot, both the lid and the seat are fully submerged in soapy water, in a bid to leave it squeaky clean. 

The poster wrote: “Did not know this was a thing, how many people actually do this? Curious to know.”

One person who was in full support of the cleaning method said: “I don’t understand the “Don’t Do It “ ppl… germs can be washed away, just like when you bath yourself.”

Another commented: “I'd love to, mine doesn't come off.”

Another person revealed: “This is nothing I’ve heard people put them in their dishwasher.” 

However, the majority found the idea gross, and said they would never do it in their own homes. 

One wrote: “Uhh I would never soak something meant to hide poo in a place I get clean. No amount of bleach will convince me it's clean after that lol.”

One added: “I would feel uncomfortable getting into my bath after a bog seat had been soaking in it, regardless of how clean the bath was after.”

Meanwhile, a person pointed out: “For y’all saying gross because you wash in the tub.. well that same butt that sat on that toilet just got in the shower and washed that butt.”

Home guru Martha Stewart recommends that you clean the exterior of your toilet using a dry paper towel and disinfectant spray. 

She advises on her website: “While you might be tempted to use a wet cloth, when it comes to a disinfectant spray, water isn't necessary. 

“Using a paper towel, wipe the disinfectant off the toilet's exterior, working from the top to the bottom.”

Meanwhile, these are the clever cleaning hacks that will help you reach those awkward spots… from using a SCREWDRIVER to clean the toilet to a genius tongs tip.

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