Cleaning fanatics rave about a £1.99 Home Bargains mop they’re using to clean EVERYTHING quickly

NOT trying to boast or anything – but our cleaning cupboards are bursting full of sprays, clothes and products specifically designed for each and every corner of our home.

But while we'd only ever previously used our mops on the bathroom and kitchen floors, cleaning fans are raving about Home Bargains' £1.99 offering which they use for absolutely everything.

Posting on her TikTok account Sparkling with Demi, one woman explained how she uses the multipurpose mop to clean her bath, tiles, windows and her oven hood.

Praising the £1.99 mop with its triangular microfibre cloth, Demi said it saves her from leaning over the bath to clean it.

"Use it to clean the inside of your bath," she wrote. "Preventing the back ache from bending over the tub to scrub."

After this, she then uses the mop to wipe away any soap scum lingering on her tiles – and it even gets in those hard-to-reach corners.

She added: "The microfibre cloth [on the mophead] leaves tiles streak free and the teliscopic pole means you can reach further than ever."

And while we normally give our extractor fans a quick once over with a piece of kitchen roll when they're looking dusty, Demi says the mop does a much better job.

"The polished steel and awkward placement makes it impossible to clean," she said. "[The mop] is a lifesaver!"

Finishing off the video, Demi revealed how she also uses the mop to get her windows glistening.

"A perfect tool for reaching high windows," she raved. "And this also goes for glass shower doors/screens!"

Unsurprisingly, Demi's videos was a hit with other cleaning fans on TikTok – and fans are now desperate to bag one of the mops, which are only available to buy in store.

One replied: "I need one of these!!!"

Another added: "I use one of these to clean the top of my car!"

Meanwhile, a third joked: "What sorcery is this?!"

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