Cleaning fans scramble to get their hands on the new Mrs Hinch products from Home Bargains claiming they smell 'amazing' | The Sun

CLEANING fans are scrambling to get their hands on the new-in Mrs Hinch products from Home Bargains, with many claiming that they smell ‘amazing’.

Savvy shopper Ashleigh (@ashleighmoneysaver), was left open-mouthed when shopping in Home Bargains, when she spotted the social media cleanfluencer's new range. 

Ashleigh shared a video on TikTok showing off the new cleaning products, with the caption ‘Run to Home Bargains because they’ve got the brand new Mrs Hinch cleaning products and they smell AMAZING!’.

So if you want your home to smell fresh, you'll want to get down to your nearest Home Bargains as quickly as you can.

She said: “Run, don’t walk, to Home Bargains.

“They’ve got the brand new range of Mrs Hinch cleaning products.

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“The scent is pink tulips and white jasmine and it smells incredible.

“In the collection you can get the fabric conditioner, this is £3.49 for 50 washes.

“The washing pods are £8.49 and there’s 36 washes in the box.

“You can also get the Bold gel, it’s £4.99 for 27 washes.

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“If you use everything together, trust me, everything is going to smell amazing, it’s a beautiful scent.

“I love it. I had to grab everything.

“They’ve also got an air freshener, this was £2.49. My bathroom is going to smell absolutely amazing now.

“They also have in-wash scent boosters, we call them scented balls in my house, but these are £2.99 for the pack, I can't wait to use these.

“If you use Febreze around your home you’ll be glad to know that there is the Mrs Hinch version now available, this was £1.99 and obviously you can use this on upholstery, clothes, pretty much everything in your house.

“For cleaning products we’ve got the Flash all-purpose spray, you can use this on floors and pretty much everywhere else, this was £2.99 and the bottle is massive.

“There’s also the Flash wipe down spray for £2.49 and I also had to grab this.

“The scent is beautiful, they've absolutely nailed it.” 

Ashleigh shared her clip just one day ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 53.6k views.

It has 968 likes, 30 comments and 153 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at the new-in range and many revealed that they too have bought these items and were left very impressed. 

One person said: “How great there’s a huge range in the same scent. Can’t wait to get some.”

Another added: “Oh bet it’s yummy! Need to try.” 

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