Clever ways Pixar hid a sneak peek of their future releases in each film revealed on TikTok

A MOVIE lover has shared a clip revealing how Pixar's films are linked together and fans are obsessed.

In a video he posted on his Tiktok account, an eagle-eyed Pixar fan revealed how characters from one film can be spotted in other films released years later.

He shows how in 2001 movie Monster's Inc, Boo gives Sully a little fish toy that looks exactly like Nemo from Finding Nemo – which didn't come out until two years later.

Finding Nemo also has a reference to The Incredibles, which came out in 2004.

Among other references, the Tiktok user also mentions how a shadow of a dog up against a wall in Rataouille looks just like Doug from popular movie Up.

He ends the video by highlighting a tapestry from Brave, released in 2012, that can be seen in the background of a scene in Cars 2, which was released a year beforehand.

The post garnered 1.7 million likes, plus thousands of comments, with fellow Pixar fans quick to share in their amazement at the video and how all the movies are interlinked.

"Yup, head is spinning", one wrote.


A third said, "Imagine having this much time to do this".

Others simply said that the clip had made them feel old and that they just couldn't believe that Cars came out in 2006, a whole fourteen years ago.

People also shared their love (and hate) for Pixar movie Cars 2.

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