Coppafeel! founder says the joy of setting up a charity comes from discovering the good in people – The Sun

I AM regularly asked what the highs and lows of setting up a charity are and, for me, the joy comes from discovering the good in people.

I had not experienced kindness like this until I set up CoppaFeel! – and to this day it still takes me by surprise.

The lows are few and far between, but what I struggle with the most is when something unexpected happens and I have had very little control. And, as we all know, I like to have control.

Last week I got to spend a week in London with Team Boobs catching up on all recent activities and seeing how things are shaping up for our big summer tour. Exciting doesn’t quite cover it.

While in the capital, some of the team and I decided it was time to give our big inflatable boob tent a wash since it has been sat in storage since a muddy festival a few years ago.

Yes, I realise I wrote about a trip to LA in last week’s column, but it’s not all glitz and glam, you know.

What I love most about our charity is that you could be working on a high- profile photoshoot one minute and cleaning the next.

On the morning of the big clean, we discovered our beautiful awareness van – aka Belinda the Boobmobile – had been vandalised and sprayed with graffiti. We were absolutely gutted.

I will never get my head around silly people defacing charity property – or any property, in fact. To say the day started sombre is an understatement, but here comes the positive bit.

A little while ago I put a post on social media asking if anyone had some space and a hose to clean our tent since our office does not have any outside space.

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