Couple quoted £20k for their dream kitchen do it themselves for just £150 – and they only regret not doing it sooner

A YOUNG couple completely transformed their dated kitchen for just £150 after being quoted a whopping £20k for their dream space.

Chloe Evans, 24, and her partner Rhys Roach, 25, “hated going into” the tired kitchen and sought the help of builders to undergo a massive renovation.

But the couple, from Talywain, southeast Wales, were staggered with the £20,000 quote and decided to do it alone during lockdown – and now wish they'd done it sooner.

Chloe and Rhys, who have two children – Kori, six, and Koby, two -transformed the old-fashioned room which featured outdated beige and brown hues.

The new space is modern and bright with a chic grey colour palette which they did in just four days, spending only £150.

In order to keep the cost down, Chloe, an admin assistant, said: "We got the paint from B&Q, the stick on tiles from Create Your World and the textured spray from Fat Buddha.

"I lived in that kitchen for two years and hated it – I wish I had done this renovation sooner.I'm really happy with how it turned out."

Chloe's amazing snaps have been widely shared on online with people blown away by the stunning makeover.

Other parents, including strangers Chloe and Rhys have never met, have said they've now been inspired to do DIY themselves in these challenging economic times.

The couple, who moved into the property in 2018, did all the labour, including painting and tiling themselves to keep the cost down.

Chloe added: "My partner loves it and the reaction on social media has been amazing.

"I painted the cupboards, painted the tiles and put new flooring down all for £150."

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