Dad creates incredible Godzilla Christmas tree for his kids – and it even breathes fire

A DAD has created an incredible Godzilla themed Christmas tree for his kids – and it even breathes fire.

Steven Newland, 36, from Rotorua, New Zealand used wire, weedmat, four fake Christmas trees and a fog machine to piece together his monstrous fir.

The dad was inspired to create the tree by his four-year-old nephew who “loves dinosaurs” – but took it one step further by creating the 1.8 metre tall lizard.

He added a string of colourful lights to bring the tree to life and added a Santa hat to the top to make Godzilla slightly more festive.

Steven originally created the Treezilla last year and after keeping it in storage he decided to auction it online, BoredPanda reports.

He received a total of 34 bids on auction site TradeMe and sold it for $415NZ (£206), having set a $250NZ reserve he donated the extra proceeds to children’s charity Canteen.

The dad has previously created several other impressive trees including a Pac Man themed LED version and a portal version.

But he has remained tight-lipped about this year’s creation thus far.

Speaking to BoredPanda he added: “This year’s tree is still under wraps (excuse the pun). I can tell you that it involves 5 meters of chain, a beer crate, and I had to buy a ceiling fan.”

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