DIY enthusiast shares easy way to make your own Christmas door display using old baubles – and it looks so expensive | The Sun

EACH festive season, there’s always that pressure to make your decorations look the best on the street. 

Luckily one DIY pro has shared how she made her own Instagrammable Christmas door display – and it looks so much more expensive than it was. 

Shelley, known online as @happy.newbuildhome, regularly shares DIY and home inspiration with her 34,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the home decor fan shares how she transformed her front door for the festive season – using just chicken wire, fir tree branches and old baubles. 

“Using chicken wire, I’m going to make one of those really fancy Instagrammable Christmas doors. 

“I wrapped the chicken wire around this post and secured it together using wire.  


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“Using a second piece, we made a tube and then we attached it underneath the guttering using cable ties. 

“Chicken wire is cheap and really easy to use.” 

In part two, Shelley is seen decorating the chicken wire to give it that festive feel. 

She uses branches from local fir trees, and baubles she already has. 

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“Now we have our chicken wire in place, and we foraged from the local fir trees, let’s start filling up the chicken wire with the branches. 

“Starting from the bottom, we worked our way up until we were happy with the result. 

“We then used decorations we already had to really finish it off. And voila!” 

Shoppers can buy chicken wire from various retailers, including Wilko, and prices start at just £5. 

Fans loved the crafty idea, with the video gaining more than 1,100 likes. 

In the comments, her followers praised her cheap and easy idea, with one writing: “Wow. Just seen the finished results, Looks incredible. Well done.”

Another said: “What a genius idea! I need to do this.”

Someone else commented: “It looks incredible.”Others shared their own ideas, with one writing: “Pool noodles work too instead of the chicken wire.”

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