DIY fanatic shares quick and easy way she gets trendy scallop walls in seconds

FEATURE walls are always coming back around and recently people have been getting creative with the way they paint them.

Thankfully,one mum has revealed to users on her Instagram page how to create a scalloped wall in a matter of seconds and people can't get enough of it.

Gaby Biasillon share the hack on her Instagram account gabysbohohome, where Gaby shares lots of fantastic DIY home hacks as well as her own beautiful artwork she creates.

The video has been viewed more than 30,000 times on Instagram since uploading it earlier this month.

She used the designto create a scallop wall in her daughter's bedroom where they are going for an ocean theme.

Gaby starts by painting the main wall colour, of which she has chosen a lovely neutral colour and leaves it to dry.

Next, she goes over and paints the section of the wall in the colour she has chosen to scallop with.

She paints the lower part of the wall in a lovely muted pink colour and uses this as a template of where she will add the scallop detail, by using frog tape and a level to ensure it all lines up and is even.

Once it has dried, remove the frog tape and grab a small plate, this will be the template for the scallop shapes.

Gaby uses frog tape on the plate to use as a guideline so that all the scallops are the same size, she also uses the plate to cut out a stencil in cardboard so she can do the corners easily.

Using a pencil she uses the plate as a guide on the wall to mark the scallop shapes.

She then uses a small paint brush to go over the edges and a mini paint-roller to fill them in.

The end results are stunning and people loved the clever and easy hack.

One user wrote: "This is fab you've done an amazing job!!!! Can you do it in our house pls."

Another commented: "Stunning, love thi s nursery idea."

A third user replied: "It looks brilliant! great idea with the plates."

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