Dog leggings exist to stop your pooch walking their muddy paws through your home

Which is why one company is selling doggy leggings to keep your pooch's paws safe, dry and warm during the colder months.

Walkee Paws shoe leggings keep your dog's paws dry and warm while they're out and about – and they even protect their paw pads from broken glass or other sharp objects that are often concealed in the snow.

And aside from keeping your dog safe, they'll also stop any dirty paw prints being walked into your home.

The leggings were created by Lisa Baronoff, who was concerned about the dirt and germs her Cocker Spaniel, Toffee, was bringing into the house.

She said: "My development and marketing experience in toys and pantyhose gave me the inspiration for the first Walkee Paws prototype.

"I cut a pair of my old pantyhose into little leggings, made to connect over Toffee’s back so the pantyhose stayed in place.

"The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy and comfortable for Toffee and they stayed on! From here, the idea for Walkee Paws was born."

Not only are they practical and safe but the chic leggings are available in four different styles to suit your fashion-savvy pooch: Classic, Confetti, CoCoa and Camo.

Sadly, the leggings are currently only available in the US but we've rounded up a couple of other styles that you can buy in the UK – including some seriously on-trend animal print.

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  • Pet legging sock sleeves, £4.62, Amazon – buy now

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