Domino’s unveil Ultimate Cheeseburger Pizza hybrid — and it looks amazing – The Sun

DOMINO’S is combining fast food in a bacon cheeseburger pizza.

The treat features a burger pulled apart and spread across a base with mozzarella and bacon. It costs £19.99 for a large.

Last winter the firm sold a million limited-edition cheeseburger pizzas in three months.

Domino’s said of its latest creation: “Pizza is the world’s most popular food with burger not far behind, so this is a match made in heaven.”

With double ground beef, fresh tomato, onions, gherkins and vine ripened tomato sauce, they were on to a winner.

Coupled with gherkin and special sauce, the pizza is truly indulgent, but a sound choice for the end of a run – or big night out.

Fans can get hold of the pizza at any Domino’s store in the UK. A 13.5” large is now available online for £19.99.


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