Expert reveals why you should NEVER eat food from packets that aren't flat – even if it’s in date

BEFORE chucking food in the trolley, it's been engrained in us from a young age to always check the Use By date.

But according to one food expert, we should also be taking the state of the packaging into consideration – and NEVER buy packets that are no longer flat.

Earlier this year, Maneet Kaur – who works as a food process technologist – shared her shopping tip with her 11,300 TikTok followers.

Comparing two packs of sausages, Maneet explained: "If you're buying food products and they're sealed with the film on top, always make sure that they are flat and I'll tell you why.

"Both of these products are both in date, but this one pack has blown and that basically means that the film is spongy to touch, compared to the other one."

"That means there is bacteria inside this pack of food now, even though the packaging says it is in date, it is not safe to eat.

"I recommend that if you ever have food that has packaging like this, do not eat it."

Examining the better packaged sausages, Maneet said: "The film should be flat. See how flat that is."

Unsurprisingly, the clip has racked up over 68,000 views and users were grateful for the tip.

How to know your food is still safe to eat:

  • Has there been a change in texture? I.e. milk can go clumpy when it's spoilt
  • Keep an eye out for signs of damaged packaging – including rips in plastic, dents in cans and leakages
  • Look out for obvious discolouration – such as brown marks on bananas and blue spots on bread

"If they are in date you can return them back," one replied. "They have to honour it because they are in date, plus trade descriptions act covers it."

Another added: "Good to know. I often wonder why some packets are like that in the clearance shelves."

"Literally you are amazing," a third wrote. "Keep up the good content!"

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