Expert says we’ve been drinking our wine wrong & reveals FOUR common mistakes people can’t believe

ENJOYING a nice glass of crisp wine in a posh restaurant is great, but have you ever felt like you may be holding the glass wrong?

There are actually many little mistakes some may make, which can actually end up ruining the wine. 

It turns out that if you are holding a glass of white wine or rose wrong, you could be warming it up and ruining how it is best served. 

However, one British etiquette expert, Maria Lisassides, is here to save the day as she has shared a video of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to drinking wine. 

In the video, which she shared on her TikTok account @marialiassides, she demonstrated the four common mistakes people make when picking up their glass. 

The first action she demonstrated which is a common mistake is having your fingers around the curved glass. 


The second mistake was having your fingers underneath the curved glass, with the stem in between them. 

The third mistake was holding the base of the wine glass to drink. 

And the fourth mistake was having your hands tightly wrapped around the stem. 

Maria then demonstrates exactly how to hold the wine glass, which is by the stem with your thumb and forefinger. 

'Don't wrap your hands tightly around the stem'

She also commented on her video agreeing with someone who said: “Anywhere on the stem is actually okay.”

Maria replied: “Totally agree, the bottom just looks most elegant.” 

'Don't hold put your fingers around the bowl'

Another person commented saying: “Unless it’s red then you hold it around the bowl.” 

However, Maria replied saying: “Disagree. In good restaurants, the wine is initially served at the most suitable temperature.”

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