‘Eyebrow-raising’ royal look ‘made headlines’ but was ‘iconic’

Vogue shared one of the Royal Family’s “most headline-worthy” looks.

Royal women rarely wear short dresses or garments that show their cleavage, and overall their fashion can be described as modest.

However, on occasions the royals have made headlines over the years for their potentially risqué outfits.

According to Vogue, one outfit that made the list of “eyebrow-raising” and “headline-making” looks was a “diaphanous” skirt the late Princess Diana wore, then Lady Diana Spencer.

In September 17 1980, Diana was snapped at her workplace the Young England Kindergarten in Pimlico, posing with children.

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She wore a long white patterned skirt, paired with a white rolled up shirt and dark sweater vest.

The skirt was a very modest garment which fell to her calves but became “momentarily translucent” due to a “burst of sunshine”, according to Vogue.

Speaking about the photographs, Diana reportedly told the photographer Arthur Edwards “I’d hate to be known as the girl who didn’t wear a petticoat”.

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Nevertheless, Diana looked chic yet laid back in the ensemble, completing the look with some cool accessories.

She wore white kitten heels with open toes, a black-strap watch, gold chain with a heart pendant and gold earrings.

Royal Photographer Arthur Edward wrote for The Sun in 2017: “I never deliberately set out to create a photo like that but when I saw it I was delighted.”

He revealed that Natasha Kaplinsky on BBC Radio 5 Live asked him why he took the photo.

He said: “I did it because it was a great picture. It became one of the most famous images of Diana, remembered by everybody.”

Speaking to Today in 2020, Andrew stated: “In many ways, I’m glad the sun came out because it made it an iconic picture.”

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