Fleabag’s hot priest played by Andrew Scott is no longer on screen – but there are plenty of holy men leading us into temptation





WITH his good looks, witty remarks and love of G&T, the hot priest in Fleabag set pulses racing among the hit comedy's fans as he struggled with his own desire on-screen.

But if you're already missing Andrew Scott's character after last night's heartbreaking series finale, don't worry – these holy men will also lead you into temptation.

From brooding real Catholic priests in the 'Calendario Romano' to the racy tongue-in-cheek annual Orthodox Calendar, these hunks will give you a reason to rejoice in the show's wake.

Steamy and homoerotic images featured in the Orthodox Calendar show bare-chested 'priests' as well as models posing with religious iconography.

One image is of a man buckling his belt next to a golden thurible, which holds incense, as another lies semi-naked on a bed.

The calendar aims to tackle discrimination within the Orthodox Church, promote equality, and 'bring solace' to parishioners.

Other snaps show men in various states of undress cooking for priests, posing seductively in the shower, and having holy water poured over their heads.

And incredibly, it's not the only sexy priest calendar out there – with another starring real Roman Catholic priests who have clearly perfected the smouldering look.

The Calendario Romano, a project from Venice-based photographer Piero Pazzi, showcases some of the Church's most beautiful men on the streets of Rome.

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"This hot priest probably looks in the mirror daily and thinks "if I'm supposed to be celibate why did God make me so sexy?" — things heard in my office while discussing the hot priest calendar hanging over a coworker's desk #celibacy #hotpriest #pinups

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The black-and-white images were reportedly captured during Holy Week, with Pazzi insisting that the calendar helps to inform tourists about the Vatican.

We reckon it has other benefits too…

And while the Catholic and Orthodox priests are turning heads, one American pastor recently went viral after his proud son shared his hot modelling snaps on Twitter.

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