Forget the 69! Here’s why the 70 is the hot new sex position that is a wilder version of the pleasurable classic – The Sun

MOST people are familiar with “the 69” but did you know there is wilder version that could take your bedroom life to the next level?

Couples are loving “the 70” which is a slightly more exciting version of the pleasurable classic.

While the 69 involves both partners simultaneously getting pleasure lying down, the 70 will see you experience passion vertically.

It works by the man starting on his knees with the woman’s legs wrapped around his neck.

Next he carefully rises onto his feet so that the woman can reach the floor with her hands and support her body weight.

She then arches her back so she can reach his manhood orally, and she should be perfectly positioned to receive oral pleasure too.

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The position is mutual satisfying orally but will certainly require some physical skill to achieve – so prepare to get bendy ladies.

You’ll definitely have a lot of fun trying to nail the raunchy move.

To really amp up the session, a tingling peppermint lube is a surefire way to ensure your bodies slip and slide together in perfect harmony.

Let the pleasure begin!

Meanwhile, the 68 sex position focuses on giving one person the time of their life.

Or why not try the sex position called the pretzel dip.

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