Forget the ‘baby giraffe' and the ‘plandid’, ‘shmiling’ is the latest Instagram pose you need to master

Following in the footsteps of the ‘baby giraffe’ and ‘plandid’, 'shmiling' it’s the latest pose to take over Instagram.

Love Island stars Dani Dyer, Olivia Attwood and Olivia Buckland, as well as fellow reality TV personalities Charlotte Crosby, Chloe Ferry and Megan McKenna are all pros.

A combination of the words smiling and eyes shut, it’s essentially smiling with your eyes closed.

Some of us may already be pros, with countless photos snapped just at the wrong moment where you’re mid-blink.

But it turns out those photos are quite in now, so you can re-tag yourself on social media in them.

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Lifeguard Barbie

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The general feeling behind the ‘shmile’ is one of pure bliss and a carefree attitude.

The ideal location is somewhere sunny or with a stunning background.

But you may need a few practice shots to make sure you don’t look like you’re sleeping.

And sadly the ‘shmile’ isn’t best suited to selfies – as you can’t see – so it’s worth enlisting a mate to help you capture that perfect moment.

A great pose for flaunting your eyeshadow, just make sure you don’t walk into anything.

If you wanted to mix it up, Instagram's head of fashion, Eva Chen, explains how to do the baby giraffe.

And here’s celebs perfecting the plandid – take notes.

Plus this is what your Instagram pose says about you.

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