Forget Those Viral TikTok Leggings, These Bike Shorts Lift My Butt Unlike Anything Else

After sitting inside for most of the last year, and attempting (but mostly not succeeding) at working out inside, workout clothing has not been my favorite thing to put back on while I try to get back into my normal fitness routine. But thankfully I found the most perfect pair of flattering bike shots that have completely changed my life (and my butt, obviously). 

If you know me, you already know that FP movement is my favorite workout brand. I pretty much exclusively wear it to workout and I always get compliments. Actually I think it might be physically impossible for me to go to my reformer class and not have at least one person inquire about where my workout set is from. At the moment, my go-to, can't-live-without-piece is the FP movement Good Karma Bike Shorts. Actually, some girl in my Solidcore class noticed I was wearing them all week (I wash them in between classes, don't worry) and said she was convinced to buy a pair immediately. As she should be. 

For one, these shorts seriously put the TIkTok leggings to shame. They truly lift my butt like nothing else and not to be conceited, but it really does look incredible. I'm currently trying to get back in shape and these bike shorts make me feel infinitely more confident than I feel minutes before I put them on. Not only that, but they're also so cute, I can absolutely go thrifting in them on my way home without feeling shame. 

And, as for working out, these shorts are the real deal. I have a bigger butt in general, and often struggle with some awkward bunching or slipping whenever I do something high intensity. I've never experienced that with any piece of FP movement clothing, and these bike shorts stay put no matter how much I'm jumping or sweating. Not to mention, knowing I look cute while doing it makes the workout more painless in general. 

They're also the type of workout clothing piece that you can wear over and over again without getting tired of them. Thankfully, they come in 22 different colors. Personally, I can't recommend the aurora blue enough but have also had my eye on the citrus peel for weeks. Considering I own most of my favorite FP movement pieces in bulk, I'll probably add another one of these to my cart shortly. And you should too. Trust me when I say your butt will thank you. Personally, mine has never been more grateful. TikTok leggings, who? 

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