From Holly Willoughby’s bulldog to Simon Cowell’s Yorkies – here’s what celebs’ dogs say about their personality

FOR centuries, dogs have been said to be our best friends – and just as we do with human pals, it also seems that we tend to choose pets with similar personalities to ours.

And that can be seen in the pet choices made by our favourite celebrities, from the warm and friendly to the snappy and unapproachable.

Here, vet Clare Hamilton  and canine behavioural expert Cesar Millan give Rachel Spencer a wuff insight to how exactly the stars’ pets and personalities match up.

Holly Willoughby and Benny

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY owns French bulldog Benny.

Owners of this breed are said to be silly and love a laugh, but can also be stubborn at times.

Clare says: “Frenchies are sociable, friendly and cheerful, with lots of character.”

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Prince William and Kate Middleton with Lupo

PRINCE WILLIAM and his wife KATE’s choice of cocker spaniel Lupo means they are charming, trustworthy and affectionate, according to the experts.

Clare says: “It’s a chilled-out pooch, always happy to see you, bouncy and full of life.”

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Simon Cowell and his Yorkie terriers

Just like their famous BGT judge, Simon's terriers love a bit of competitionCredit: Splash News

SIMON COWELL owns three adorable Yorkshire terriers – Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy – meaning he is feisty, brave and competitive.

Clare says: “They mirror him – larger than life.

"They enjoy pampering and don’t fear others.”

Lorraine Kelly and Angus

THE TV presenter and journalist LORRAINE KELLY has a cute border terrier, Angus.

Brave and adorable, the famous star claimed her beloved dog helped to keep her sane during lockdown.

“[…] having Angus made me feel so much better. I walked miles with him and it’s good for the soul,'' she said.

The Queen with one of her Corgis

Over the years, THE QUEEN is said to have had more than 30 corgis.

Owners of this breed are claimed to crave the spotlight and love exploring the world but can also be stubborn at times.

Clare says: “Corgis’ loveable, sweet nature has made them a most desirable breed.”

Declan Donnelly and Rocky

DECLAN DONNELLY has an adorable dachshund named Rocky, and Cesar says owners can be stubborn and seem invincible.

Clare says: “They must be well trained or they can be possessive of their owner and aggressive.”

Meghan Markle with beagles Bogart and Guy

BEAGLE owners like MEGHAN MARKLE are believed to be level-headed and stable – but not necessarily wallflowers.

Breeder Mary Cummings says: “Beagles are very outgoing, active and family-friendly and enjoy time with their owners.”

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