Furious mum interrupts daughter’s eulogy after her fiance 45 years older lists her faults

A FURIOUS mum was left with no choice but to interrupt her daughter’s eulogy after her fiance’s speech caused the most uproar. 

Court clerk Ashleigh Petrie, 23, was engaged to a high profile magistrate Rod Higgins, 68. 

Sadly last October, Ashleigh died after she was hit by a car in eastern Victoria, Australia. 

At her funeral Rod described the period as the “saddest time” of his life and praised Ashleigh for her “zest of life” and for being “externally as attractive as a woman could possibly be.” 

However, the speech took a turn when hegan talking about her struggles with mental health, depression, while also mentioning that she was on medication. 

This forced Ashleigh’s mother to interrupt the speech saying “I think that’s enough” before he quickly sat down.

His relationship with Ashleigh previously caused controversy when it was revealed that Rod argued for and received a $180,000 super and life insurance payout from his fiancée after her death – despite earning $324,000 himself annually as a magistrate.


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