Girl can’t believe her luck as she gets phone back after losing it at festival – and receives a very welcome surprise

THERE'S nothing worse than losing your phone, so you can imagine one girl's delight when she came across hers after it had been handing into lost property at a festival.

After her phone went MIA at a Norwich-based festival Sundown, TikTok user Cerys Gogerly, was convinced she would never see it again, but thankfully luck was on her side.

Sharing a video online, she revealed that not only had her phone been handed in in the hope of it being returned to her, but those who found it decided to leave a very welcome surprise for her in her camera roll.

In her post, that has been viewed nearly 400k times online, she revealed: "So I lost my phone at a festival, found it in lost property and the guys who found it left me a picture…"

Cerys then shared the photo which saw three army hunks, suited and booted in their military kits, posing for a selfie, with one guy holding a thumbs up to the camera.

Appearing onscreen with her hand over her mouth, before doing a little celebratory dance, Cerys added: "Thanks guys!!!"

Hundreds of people commented her post, with the selfie causing a real stir and going viral on the social media platform.

Many were seen telling Cerys just how lucky she was to have had all her phone problems solved by the trio of good-looking guys, with one person commenting: "What festival was this… I may accidentally need to lose my phone."

Another teased: "Did the middle one leave his number?"

A third wrote: "U lucky girl. Oh hey lefty (sic)."

Invested, one more urged Cerys to track down the army studs: "WE SO NEED YOU TO FIND THEM."

Desperate to get in touch to say thank you, Cerys – who claims she must have dropped her phone near the Royal Air Force tent – posted: "Guys I don't have their @s unfortunately, if anyone knows them please let me know so I can say thank you."

She later revealed that she had messaged the regiment on Instagram to say thank you, but was yet to hear back from her real-life knights in shining (well camouflage) armour.

Cerys also hit back at those who claimed they didn't believe her story.


In a follow-up video, she shared: "I'm not really sure why I would make it up. I literally wasn't expecting this to get views at all. I posted it because I thought it was funny and wholesome and nice."

Sharing her proof that the lost phone situation went down exactly how she had first said, Cerys revealed a screengrab of a text exchange with her family where she had got her sister to tell her parents she'd lost her phone.

Not only did she then hold up her wristbands from the festival, as proof to show she actually attended, but she then revealed that the photo in question of the three soldiers had been taken in the exact same location where the festival is held.

"It's in Norwich," she said, before pointing at the details of the photo in her phone that was taken in Norwich at 16.58 and adding: "Happy?"

Her doubters may not be, but we've no doubt Cerys certainly is, thanks to her and her phone being reunited.

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