Harry Potter fans in tears over story edit that changes the fate of THIS beloved character

A reader re-wrote sections of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and stuck their words over the original text.

The section in question rewrites the heartrending death scene of Harry's beloved owl Hedwig.

Pictures of the fan edit have been shared thousands of times online, with some saying they cried with joy.

The plucky raptor is killed by a Death Eater as she tries to protect Harry from a killing curse.

But the fan fiction version has Hedwig stir on the floor before climbing up alive and well.

The new section reads: "The owl lay motionless for only a few seconds.

"Then she stirred and popped to her feet, ruffling her feathers.

"After exiting the damaged cage, she gave Harry a reproachful look that he took to mean 'I'm going to fly off somewhere safe and lay low until this nonsense is over."

Reposting the effort, one fan wrote: "I’m crying who did this?"

The fan-cut was originally posted on Mugglenet's Facebook page on Saturday.

Potter fans have since posted requests for other edits including saving Sirius and Dobby

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