Haunted houses near me for Halloween 2018 – from Warwick Castle to Hinchingbrooke House

And if you're up for a fright this October, there is a range of haunted houses, scare parks and creepy locations you can visit. Here are some of the spookiest attractions across the country…

Ghoulies, Liverpool

Ghoulies Haunted House opened last Halloween season and has gone from strength to strength since.

The scary spectacular will feature the latest animatronics and Hollywood-quality horrors to complete the experience.

Tickets for the can be found online at TicketQuarter and the post 9pm events are strictly for over 18s.

Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon

Hinchingbrooke House is open for those searching to be scared.

The Horror At Hinchingbrooke House experience has previously won awards for its interactive experience on it's famously haunted grounds.

There are 18 sets and with around 45 actors lurking in the darkness, combined with a wide selection of sound and lighting FX to create an absolutely terrifying experience.

Tickets are £19.50 per person and available from enterifyoudare.co.uk.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The notoriously haunted pleasure beach will host a special Fright Night package for Halloween.

The package costs £39 and includes an interactive terror experience and entry to the "Circus of Horrors".

Tickets are available from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Website.

Warwick Castle – The Haunted Castle

From October 21 until the October 31 Warwick Castle will offer "fearful fun" for all ages during the day – with scarier events available after 9pm.

Tickets are available from warwick-castle.com.

Screamfest, Staffordshire

Screamfest offers five different "scares" and visitors can visit as many or as little as they wish depending on their ticket type.

Tickets are available for October from Screamfest.co.uk but can also be purchased on the door for a higher price. Prices vary depending on date.

Scare Kingdom, Blackburn

The Scare Kingdom is back for it's tenth year and will offer new attractions for 2018.

It was voted The UK's Best Halloween Attraction 2016 by Trip Advisor and offers visitors a range of unique "scares".

For more information on the different attractions and to purchase tickets, visit www.scarekingdom.com

The Cursed, Basildon

The Essex-based fright night experience is set in the eerie grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park and is open from October 21 until October 31.

Visitors pass through a series of scare mazes which have been designed to "disturb, distort and scare the living daylights out of you."

Tickets are available from www.thecursed.co.uk.

The Tower of London

Often described as the most haunted building in Britain, the Tower of London has had many ghoulish sightings.

Reported ghosts include that of King Henry VI, who is said to pace mournfully until the clock strikes midnight on the anniversary of his death in the Tower.

Other spirits include the ‘White Lady’, whose perfume is thought to linger around the White Tower, making guards ill.

Tickets are available on the Tower of London website, and the tower is also offering spooky Twilight Tours after dark.

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

Over the years there have been numerous encounters with ghosts, said to be the spirits of those who perished.

One of the most famous sightings was of a little girl who made contact with a medium.

The girl is claimed to have been crying, painfully lonely without a doll that she had lost while alive.

Ever since this sighting, visitors often leave dolls in the room where she was seen.

For Halloween, the event will be holding special "Supernatural History Tours" looking into paranormal activity from October 27 to October 31.

Ham House in Richmond, London

Many of those who visit Ham House claim to have been subjected to “short, sharp shoves” when they linger on the third step of the Great Stairs for too long.

These scary shunts are supposedly the ghostly work of the Duchess of Lauderdale, who is believed to still dwell in the house along with 30 other spirits.

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