‘Hero’ husband makes his wife a stunning pantry from scratch & it’s the dream if you’re into organisation

A HUSBAND has been branded a ‘hero’ after he gave up space in his workshop to make his wife a pantry. 

While some women dream of a walk-in wardrobes, others fantastise over a neatly stocked pantry. 

One woman was desperate to make her vision a reality, so got her husband on the case and doing some DIY.

The bloke gave up some space in his workshop and made the pantry from scratch, putting up shelves and painting them. 

The end result is a fully-stocked and organised pantry, with his wife over the moon with her husband’s work. 

She shared the result to Facebook group Clean, Declutter,Organise Your Home UK, where dozens of women have fawned over the pantry. 

The wife wrote: “I needed a pantry/storage for can goods and pots and pans…

“My husband did away with his work shop and created a perfect space for me.”

Women have claimed he’s a keeper, with one saying: “Love it! My hubby would do away with me before his work shop.”

Another wrote: “Bless him-you’ve got a good guy there !! Looks amazing !!.”

A third commented: “Awesome job. Kudos to a good Husband.”

This woman thought: “That looks amazing, you’ve got a good one there.”

While someone else added: “What a nice husband.”

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