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CRYSTALS are often used to promote healing energy or to enjoy their beauty for aesthetics.

Whichever way a crystal is used it is important to cleanse them, especially during a full moon.

How do you clean your crystals during the full moon?

When there is a full moon, many practice the idea of cleansing their crystals outside.

One can leave their crystals in direct moonlight on a windowsill or in a safe place outside to be cleansed.

The moonlight is believed to cleanse the crystal of any unwanted trapped energy.

In order to properly cleanse your crystal set it out in the direct moonlight for around 10 to 12 hours.

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Be sure to not leave out any soft crystals such as amethyst for too long as eventual prolonged sun exposure can damage the crystal.

Bringing in the crystal before 11am can protect it from prolonged sun exposure, Healthline reports.

Cleansing your crystal under a full moon from dusk until dawn is best for tumbled stones.

Crystals such as jade, labradorite, black obsidian, and carnelian are thought to be safe outside.

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It does not need to be a full moon in order to use the moon's power to cleanse a crystal.

What are other ways to cleanse a crystal?

There are other ways to cleanse a crystal aside from using the sun and moonlight.

Some consider using water and salt in a bowl to cleanse a crystal.

If you do not wish to use salt, many believe using natural spring water can cleanse a crystal.

Some crystals are too large to be moved, and can be cleansed in other ways.

Cosmopolitan reports that one can use sound to cleanse a crystal as well.

To use sound one can use a tuning fork, a singing bowl, or a bell to create sound near the crystal for up to 10 minutes.

Sage can also be burned to smudge the crystal of any unwanted energy as well.

What is the difference between cleansing and charging?

Cleansing and charging a crystal are often thought to mean the same thing.

To cleanse a crystal is to clean it of any stale energy.

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On the other hand, charging a crystal means replacing the energy within the crystal from continuous use.

The full moon can be used to both cleanse and charge your crystals.

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