How Josie Gibson's 'zero s***s given' attitude to her weight has made her the most relatable woman in TV

JOSIE Gibson has not hidden her yo-yo dieting over the years, but is now comfortable in her skin and happy with her weight.

The mother-of-one, who shot to fame in 2010 when she won Big Brother, has been open about her changing weight, and her “zero s***s given” attitude makes her extremely relatable. 

Loves her ‘saggy boobs and cellulite’

Last year, Josie took to Instagram to share a video thanking fans for their kind comments, after she posted a sizzling snap in a tiger print swimsuit.

In the clip the former Big Brother star could be seen talking into the camera as she flaunted her bikini body.

She said: "Guys thank you so much for your lovely comments yesterday, they really made my day.

"But yeah, I am a girl. I've breastfed a baby. My tits can get a bit saggy.  I've got cellulite galore. 

“But, I am just working with what I've got and I bloody love it, it's made a baby.!

The star then moved the camera down as she shook her bum, and jokingly added: "If you don't like it you can kiss my fat ass."

Has no time for people trolling her weight

In October, Josie hit out at a body-shaming troll who called her weight gain "absolutely vile".

The 35-year-old star was clearly shocked by the cruel comment, pointing out that there are much more important things in the world than her body.

But one Twitter user cruelly lashed out, writing on the social media site: "I don’t mean to be rude but @Josiestweet is absolutely vile.

"It breaks my heart when I look at how fat she has got again."

Josie retweeted the message and graciously added: "But you are being rude, so you do mean to be rude.

"Don't let my weight gain break your heart, honestly there is so many more things in the world to care about that really do matter."

Balances being a mum with being healthy

In 2012, Josie famously transformed her body with diet and exercise and shifted a huge 6 stone in weight and went from a size 20 to size 8.

Then in 2016, she had surgery to remove 6lb of excess skin left from the staggering weight loss.

However, since giving birth to Ronnie has a realistic approach to her size. 

A source explained: "Being a new mum and dealing with sleepless nights  made surgery snacks all the more appealing, but recently Josie's been having protein-packed meals delivered to her door to avoid temptation.

"She's really happy with her body at the moment and intends to keep the balance right.

"She loves feeling fit and healthy, but also wants to have a life.”

Squeezes in workouts where she can 

The former Big Brother contestant was left heartbroken after splitting from boyfriend Terry just four months after giving birth to their son Reggie.

But Josie revealed that squeezing in some exercise around looking after Reggie helped to boost her mood. 

Speaking to Closer magazine in 2019, a source close to the star revealed: "It's been a tough couple of months, but getting back to exercise has been a massive boost for Josie.

"She's been trying to fit in the odd home work-out during Reggie's naps – and seeing the results of her efforts has really put a smile back on her face.”

Craved carbs during pregnancy

Earlier last year, Josie revealed she had lost two stone in just 12 weeks. 

The blonde star had dropped from a size 18-20 to a size 12 in just three months with the help of diet and exercise specialist Do The Unthinkable.

This was after Josie admitted piling on the pounds after gorging on carbs during her pregnancy last year.

She told Celebrity Secrets magazine: "I lost about two stone on the programme in just 12 weeks, and I feel so much better about myself.

"I put on about four-and-a-half stone while I was pregnant with Reggie. I craved carbs – I'd eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could!"

Speaking about her weight gain, Josie said at the time: "I kept kidding myself that it was OK because I was growing another human."

But when her joints and knees began to ache the star was warned that she was at risk of type 2 diabetes, which encouraged her to get "healthy" for the sake of her son.

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