How sketching symbols on your face is the key to flawless contouring and how to shape-up your make-up with our expert tips

Using shapes as stencils for contouring makes application easy and ensures the light and shade hit the best spots to bring out your features. Celeb make-up artist Lisa Sloneem explains.

Forehead: Heart

USE a firm concealer brush to draw a heart on the forehead using a foundation lighter than your skin, and fill. Blend down from the bottom point of the heart to highlight the centre of the nose.

Use pale shade from Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo (£31,

Cheekbone: Letter C

PAINT a C from the top of the cheekbone, around the eye socket and above the brow, using a pale, shimmery highlight such as Revolution Liquid Highlighter (£6, Superdrug). Blend.

The contrast between the dark contour and pale highlighter will really sharpen your cheekbones.

Cheek: Triangle

USING a darker foundation shade from the Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo, start at your hairline and draw a slender triangle under the cheekbone, narrowing until you reach the centre of the cheek.

Use a soft brush to gently blend into your foundation.

Nose: Letter U

USING a dark contour creme, or the dark shade in Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo, draw a fine U down the nose, with the bottom of the letter round the tip, so the nose appears narrower and shorter.

Leave a highlighted space in the centre. Then blend very softly.

Lips: Letter V

DEFINE your cupid’s bow and ensure your lipline is symmetrical by drawing a V using a lip liner like Laura Geller Pout Perfection Waterproof (£14 , Debenhams).

Blend from the line into the centre of your lips using the same pencil. Fill with a lipstick to create sheen.

Chin: Circle

DRAW a circle on the chin with a pale concealer and fill to make it appear more defined. With a blending brush, keep the palest colour in the centre and brush out to merge with foundation.

Use the pale shade from Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo.


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