How the ring of fire solar eclipse affects the zodiac: From Aries to Pisces

THE ring of fire solar eclipse is an important astronomical event taking place on June 10.

Not only will this eclipse create a beautiful 'ring of fire' observable in northern parts of the world, but its effects will be felt throughout all signs of the zodiac. Find out how this will affect your star sign below!

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Coinciding with the new moon, this annular solar eclipse is a powerful time for new beginnings. Every sign of the zodiac is going to feel the effects of this, and it is an opportunity to reassess and figure out where you want your next steps in life to take you.

This June's ring of fire eclipse falls in the star sign of Gemini, so you can expect relationships and communication with others to be especially affected.


You will have no problem with the new beginnings sparked by this powerful ring of fire eclipse. Simply channel your passion and your zest for life and see where it takes you next.


Starting over can sometimes be challenging for you, Taurus, so think small. You can work on making small-scale improvements during this momentous eclipse.


As this eclipse will be felt in your sign, Gemini, don't be surprised if you experience powerful revelations. Inspiration could soon be showing you a surprising new way.


Emotions may be on the rise for you during this ring of fire eclipse. Listen carefully to your intuition and it will show you where to go.


It might finally be time, Leo, for you to tackle that idea you have been thinking of. Harness the energy of the solar eclipse to help you off to the right start.


Be willing to surrender something during this ring of fire eclipse. You will find space opening up for exciting new developments.


Don't be afraid to let this ring of fire eclipse shake you out of the old routine. Be open to the unexpected.


You are ready for profound transformation, Scorpio. The timing will be right for you to make a big change.


You will be able to tap into your confidence and flexibility to make the most of this solar eclipse. This is a good time to communicate your thoughts to others.


This solar eclipse is set to be an inspiring time for you, Capricorn. It's time to let something go and to welcome something new into your life.


You will be likely to experience a renewal where your relationships are concerned. It is a good time to make your feelings known.


You will find that ideas come to you even more easily than usual, Pisces. Channel the creative energy of the ring of fire solar eclipse to make the most of this.

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