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PRADA handbags are a luxury purchase in the world of fashion and are worth preserving.

Among the many bags that the designer label has to offer are the Re-Nylon accessories, which you may have seen on the arms of star-studded celebs such as Kendell Jenner.

How to clean a Prada nylon bag

If you want to keep your Prada nylon bag looking as pristine as when you first made the purchase – then you will want to keep it clean.

If you notice your bag has gathered a little dirt or isn't looking as clean as you would like, the good news is there are ways to restore it – and here's how.

Step one: Read the cleaning instructions

If you are the owner of a Prada nylon bag and are looking to give it a quick sprucing up, the first thing to do is to check the cleaning instructions.

You can usually find these on a tag attached to the lining of the bag or in the documentation you received when you made your purchase.

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If there is a W clearly stated, this means you can safely use water when cleaning the purse.

If you're unable to locate the cleaning instructions don't panic – you can email Prada with your cleaning queries, along with an image of your bag and authentication card for more information.

For those who own a nylon bag which may be heavily soiled or stained, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned by a trained specialist.

Step two: Empty your bag

It might seem like an obvious step but before you get down to cleaning – make sure to remove the contents of your bag.

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If your purse allows the use of water to clean, then you will want to make sure all your personal items are stored safely and not at risk of getting wet.

Step three: Wipe down the surface

Once you have emptied the bag, you can then begin to clean the surface (the outside).

If your cleaning instructions allow the use of water, then you can fill up a small bowl of lukewarm water or use sensitive baby wipes if you prefer.

Once you have your water to hand, add a few drops of gentle liquid soap and gently mix the two together until you see suds appearing.

Next up, take a soft towel or microfibre cloth and immerse it into the bowl of water before squeezing it dry.

It's important to remove any excess liquid, as too much water could cause further damage to the bag.

Once your cloth or towel is dry, you can gently wipe down the the surface removing any dirt, excluding any leather parts, hardware or zippers.

You can use a cotton bud to gently clean the leather lining and straps, making sure to get right in every nook.

Scrubbing too harshly could also cause damage to the bag, so make sure to clean with care.

Step three: Clean the interior

If the interior of your bag is also made of nylon, you can repeat step two for the interior of the bag.

According to professional handbag restorer The Restory on Instagram, you can safely clean the interior of a luxury product – and here's how.

In a clip shared with more than 150,000 followers, the handbags experts used a narrow hoover attachment to get right into the interior and suck up all the dust that had collected at the bottom.

They then took precision tweezers and plucked out any fluff or hair that was caught in the lining of the bag.

Step four: Allow the bag to dry

Once you have wiped down the bag, you should then wait for it to dry before using it.

Taking a clean dry towel, pat the areas of the bag where you have cleaned to remove any excess moisture.

You should then leave the bag unzipped and let it air dry completely.

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Do NOT use any artificial heat like hairdryers or heaters to speed up the drying process.

It is also not advised to leave your bag out in the sun as fading might occur.

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