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TOASTERS are one of the most-used household appliances.

It's important to keep your toaster clean, to avoid contaminating your food – here's how to maintain it sparkling clean.

How to clean a toaster?

You do not have to go to the shops and buy any expensive cleaning products to clean your toaster.

These household items will help you get your toaster clean in no time.

As equipment, you need a pastry brush, a sponge or dishcloth and a microfiber cloth.

As for liquids, you only need water and dishwashing liquid.

1. Unplug the toaster

Remember that you are cleaning an electric appliance which generates heat too, so make sure to take safety precautions.

Unplug the toaster from the power socket.

If you just used it, give it time to cool and get on with other chores meanwhile, or else you risk burning yourself while cleaning.

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2. Remove as much of the crumbs as you can

Once the toaster is fully cooled down, turn it upside down above the sink or in the garbage to remove any crumbs.

Some toasters might have a removable tray at the bottom.

If you do have one, remove it and tip it over the sink as well.

If you have no idea how to remove the crumb tray from below, check out the toaster's instruction manual.

3. Clean the crumb tray

Mix some warm water and dishwashing liquid to create a cleaning solution and place the crumb tray in it.

Wash it well with a sponge or a dish cloth.

Rinse the tray with water to remove any excess soap and then dry with a clean cloth.

4. Brush away the crumbs from the interior

With the crumb tray removed, you have an opportunity to also clean the inside of your toaster.

Brush off any crumbs which are stuck inside using your pastry brush.

You can do so from the top and bottom of the toaster.

Do not try to insert your fingers into the toaster because you risk damaging the inside components of your appliance.

5. Clean the outside of the toaster

Using your soapy water from earlier, wipe the outside of the toaster with a sponge or a dish cloth.

Watch out for any electrical components on the outside of your toaster and take extra care when cleaning around them.

When you're finished cleaning, grab a clean damp cloth and remove any trails of soap left behind.

Then grab a microfiber cloth to rinse it clean and dry.

6. Put your toaster back together

Reassemble the toaster to how it was by inserting the crumb tray and making sure that everything was left in place.

Now that your toaster is clean, you can plug it in and get making some more toast.

Can I rinse an unplugged toaster?

As mentioned above, you can clean your toaster with water, as long as it is unplugged.

But do not pour or insert any water inside of it, because once you turn it back on, you will be in risk of electrocuting yourself.

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If you do get water inside, make sure to wait at least 24 hours before plugging it back in.

Instead of water, use the dry pastry brush and make sure you shake the toaster much as you can to remove all the crumbs.

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