I asked my ex to send me £100 for cheating on me and almost giving me an STI – I was stunned by his reply | The Sun

ALTHOUGH breakups can be hard, there's often a good reason to split up.

And one woman revealed why her relationship fell apart – and even managed to get some compensation for it.

Issy Oakley, a TikToker from the UK, recently shared how she got some retribution from her ex.

In the video, Issy claimed her ex had cheated on her and almost gave her an STI – which you'd assume caused the breakdown of their relationship.

So Issy decided to partake in the current TikTok trend 'ask your ex,' and decided to ask him to send her £100, and you won't believe what happened next.

In the text, she wrote: "Ello send me £100."


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At first, her ex seemed taken aback by the request, responding: "WTF why would I send you any money?"

But he soon changed his tune when she listed the reasons why he should.

"Because you cheated on me and nearly gave me the clap," she replied.

Issy's ex said she had a 'valid point' and that he would think about it.

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Later that day he shockingly did send Issy the £100 she asked for, and people quickly took to the comments section of the video in support of Issy.

One commented: "Well done babe."

Another said: "This is queen behaviour."

"As you should," praised another.

A fourth added: "‘because you cheated on me and almost gave me the clap’ …. ‘valid point’ IM DYINGGGGG."

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