I ate live ants with Prince George – he was nervous but it blew his mind, says Bear Grylls

HE might be the future King of England, but Prince George proves he's just as curious as other young lads – eating ANTS in 2019.

The young prince, who was six at the time, was joined by British adventurer Bear Grylls who said George was "nervous" but it "blew his mind."

The famous adventurer, 47, said it was a "privilege" to give George, now eight, his first ant to eat, although he "didn't really mean to".

Bear met the young royal after being invited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to skipper a yacht during the King's Cup regatta, a three-day charity sailing race off the Isle of Wight in August in 2019.  

He recalled the incident on Good Morning Britain and said he and George were "just chatting" when a "stream of ants went across his feet."

"We looked at them, he looked at me with those amazing wide eyes and I said 'Come on', and he said 'Really!'" he recalled.

The young royal was apparently a huge fan of Bear's interactive Netflix special and it was Carole Middleton who asked the presenter to meet him.

Bear has previously recommended eating ants as a survival technique in his shows – so he encouraged the young royal to have a go.

The 47-year-old said that George looked at him with "amazing wide eyes" after he asked him whether he had ever eaten an insect, and hailed him a "hero"' for "facing his fears". 

He continued: "We ate and it was a privilege to give the future king his first ant. His eyes lit up as they do with anyone when they're out in the wild and face a few fears and overcome them. Good for him, what a hero.'"

Bear also detailed the encounter in his latest memoir, Never Give Up, where he revealed that George had given a look of 'trepidation and excitement when he first spotted the stream of insects.

"I knew that look well. I smiled at him and said, 'Have you ever eaten an ant?' He shook his head nervously. 'You want to? Just you and me?'" he wrote, according to Mail Online.

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"He looked around, then back at me, and nodded. I grabbed one ant for him and got him to hold it between his fingers, then got one for myself. 'One, two, three, and in it goes… ready?'"

"He looked more nervous now. I smiled reassuringly. 'It'll be fine. We can do this… OK? One, two, three, here we go!' I will never tire of that wonderful grimace on people's faces as they eat something from the survivor menu for the first time. 

"Whoever they are, it's always priceless. But I don't think I will ever see wider eyes than Prince George's, nor a broader grin. It was a fun moment that I hope, when he is king one day and I am an old man, he might still remember. After all, who can ever forget eating their first ant?'"

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