I became a teen mum at 19, I had no idea I was expecting until I wet myself in a supermarket – I thought it was a UTI

A MUM has shared how she found out she was pregnant at 19 years old after wetting herself in the middle of a supermarket aisle while shopping for groceries.

Convinced her accident was a result of either anxiety or a UTI, she booked herself a doctors appointment, only to be told she was in fact five months pregnant.

TikTok user Brenna Huckaby, a professional snowboarder from the US, shared her story on social media and insisted she had no idea she was expecting, especially as she was previously told she was infertile and was taking birth control.

In a series of videos, she joked: "I can't believe I'm telling this story on the internet…"

Brenna, who has a prosthetic leg, explained: "When I was 19 I had just qualified for the US National Snowboarding team and moved into a new apartment with my puppy.

"I went shopping at Walmart with my puppy, I had to use the moto vroom carts bc (sic) my prosthetic leg wasn't fitting due to weird swelling. When I was looking at coffee filters, I had the urge to pee."

She confessed: "Then I proceeded to full bladder unload in [aisle] 6 (peed my pants). Horrified I put my dog on my lap to cover my accident and I proceeded to finish shopping and check out in my pee pants bc (sic) I wanted to play it off."

"I left Walmart (as fast as I could) and called my mum because I was so anxious that there was something wrong with me. She told me to call the dr to check for a UTI," Brenna revealed.

She explained that she booked herself into the doctors for two days time and pushed to be tested for a UTI when they tried to prescribe her anti-anxiety medication.

"Two days later I went to the doctor, told her I was anxious and the story. She went to put me on anti-anxiety meds but before I left, I asked her to check me for a UTI," she said.

"During the test they found no UTI but they did find glucose in my urine. They tested me for diabetes and it was negative.

"They went to send me home but I quickly googled 'protein in urine' while I was waiting and saw pregnancy could be possible."

Taking a test as a precaution, Brenna, now 25, was convinced that it would come back negative.

"I told the doctor but I assured her there's no way I would be pregnant due to multiple infertility diagnoses and I'm on birth control," she said, before adding: "The test came back I was not only pregnant… but I was five months pregnant."

I assured her there's no way I would be pregnant due to multiple infertility diagnoses and I'm on birth control

She is now mum to a little girl, who she shares with her now husband, and while she admits she wasn't happy when she first found out she was pregnant, her daughter is the best thing to have happened to her.

Thousands flocked to the comments on Brenna's videos, which have been watched over 3.8 million times, with one person quizzing how the mum had no clue she was pregnant.

Brenna revealed: "[I had] no symptoms and [was in the] best shape of my life (at the time)!"

Another asked if it was "hard to be a parent that young", with Brenna replying: "Of course, but it straightened me out reeaaalll quick and it ended up working out luckily."

Others shared their shock over Brenna's surprise pregnancy, with a third commenting: "This is terrifying and not the news I needed rn bestie (sic)."

Another sympathised with Brenna, as they revealed: "My friend found a baby at 20 weeks when looking for a kidney stone on a scan… it happens!"

One more added: "This. This is my greatest fear."

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