I bought £100 worth of M&S food & gear for just £16 – and I’m not the only one, prices are as low as 10p | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has urged people to run, not walk to their nearest M&S store after she was able to bag £100 worth of food for just £16. 

Victoria Evangeline took to her social media to explain the situation as she shared: “M&S prices are a joke. They are ridiculous at the moment, you’ve got to see this.” 

Dressed in a white top with a blue dress over it, she went on to share that she’d seen how another woman had posted on TikTok to share that she’d bought “a load of stuff for like 10p”.

She said the prices were so low because they were getting rid of their summer range to make room for the Christmas range. 

Victoria continued: “So I thought, ‘Maybe it’s just TikTok rubbish, I’ll go and have a look,’ and oh I have got like £400… No, that’s a bit much. 

“Like £100 worth of stuff for like £10. I’m not even joking.” 

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She then went through all the purchases she made at the retail giant’s store, starting with a picnic blanket.

Victoria said that originally it was £10, but they had reduced it down to just £1. 

“But that was one of the more expensive things,” she continued. “So I actually picked up this immune support tea. It is turmeric, mango and coconut, which is very unusual. 12 pence.”

She then picked up a packet of charcoal crackers, which she bought for 27p followed by a mango and passionfruit coolie for 27p.

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TikTok user @victoria.evangelinee then got silicone cupcake cases for 60p, which she noted were reusable. 

“And then non-reusable ones 10p,” she added. 

She also grabbed a pack of Veggie Protein Mix nuts for 25p and a Focaccia and Ciabatta bread mix for 17p. 

Victoria went on: “I got a little packet of pine nuts for 30p, now usually these are like £3 or £4, so 30p I’m really impressed with.”

She got BBQ skewers for another 30p, chocolate sandwich fingers for 41p as well as strawberry and raspberry tea for 12p.

“I almost fell over when I saw this,” she went on. “Honey. Instead of £5, it was 50p… for a jar of honey. So this one is a British honey with orange cinnamon.

“And I also got a Yorkshire spring honey for 50p.”

And she got a Scottish lowlands honey for another 50p. 

Victoria managed to pick up vegan horseradish sauce for 40p, double chocolate biscuits for 50p and cupcake sprinkles for 15p.

“And then they had a load of these seasonings dotted around, they were 10p – so this is a steakhouse seasoning,” she went on. “I also think I got two of those. I also think I got a shawarma kebab seasoning as well as a Tikka Masala seasoning. All 10p each.” 

She also got green tea infused with mint for 14p. 

Showing off the entire shop, Victoria said: “So yeah, all of this came up to £16. That’s just bonkers. That would have been three honeys.”

Holding a bottle, she continued: “And it doesn’t stop there, I also picked up this. It’s called Everley Forest: a complex and bittersweet non-alcoholic drink, which is perfect for like mocktails or even if you just want like a squash.” 

She said M&S sold it for £1.80 instead of the usually £16 price tag. 

“Head to M&S straight away, just right now,” she said as the video came to an end. She added: “Dont run, sprint to M&S”. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “This just proves how much mark up in price there is…” 

Victoria replied: “I had a chat with one of the workers, they are fully making a loss here!” 

Another asked: “Which M&S?? Mine don’t do this. The markdowns are always £6 down to 5.98.”

She responded: “All M&S’s i thought! Its not the daily reduction but seasonal ones”. 


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A third person said: “I’m off to M&S! Well done you!” 

And a fourth added: “I did this yesterday at my local M and S. I thought I was reading the labels wrong. I couldn’t believe that these were real prices. Amazing!”

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