I bought £222 worth of Amazon beauty returns and ended up with £1,327 of stuff including ELEVEN hair stylers

A WOMAN has revealed how she bagged £1,300 worth of beauty products for just £222 after buying an Amazon returns pallet.

Yessi Waters, who lives in Las Vegas, shared the contents on her pallets on her YouTube channel where she boasts over 188,000 subscribers.

She explained that she visited the website Liquidation.com, where bidders can purchase Amazon’s returned products that are up for auction.

Yessi explained that there are usually 30-60 items per box, and the site provides a ‘manifest’ which lists all the products inside and their cost value.

She purchased three boxes of assorted health and beauty products with a value of £1,327.

The contents included everything from massagers and hair trimmers, to camping chairs and gun holders.

The priciest product in the boxes was a Panasonic razor at £124.54, followed by a Vitruvi stone diffuser at £88.22.

In total Yessi received ten hair removal products, 11 hair styling tools, six health-related products, nine injury ones and 17 miscellaneous with a total of 53 items.

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She says: “Do I think it’s worth buying one of these boxes? 

“Overall I think it can be, you just have to have a little bit of luck and hope that a lot of the things actually work so that you can try flipping them.

“Most of them did work with the exception of just a few items – the massagers were kind of duds.

“A lot of them also weren’t even open, so I really liked that, I would honestly totally do this again.”

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