I bought a '£1,500 purebred' Goldendoodle… but I was baffled when it grew up to look totally different COLOUR | The Sun

TIKTOKER Nina thought she was getting a purebred Goldendoodle puppy – but when her dog grew up, she was shocked.

The fluffy black dog had was replaced by a very different looking dog – but owner Nina still loves her pup.

Purebred Goldendoodle puppies can sell for up to £1500, making Nina's purchase a hefty one.

In her video, she showed the shocking before and after of her pup Lexi, who looks as though she's been replaced by another dog.

Nina said: "Can you believe this is the SAME dog?! One year difference."

The first clip showed Lexi as a puppy, all black in colour except for some grey colouring around her eyes.


I bought ‘£800 puppy’ but was baffled when it grew into different looking dog

I bought a ‘£2k puppy’ – but I was baffled when it grew up totally different

The second clip of the video showed Lexi all grown up – and viewers were shocked.

Lexi went from a dark coloured puppy to a fully light grey adult dog.

Owner Nina continued: "I've never heard of 'Doodle Fading' before."

According to a pet advice website, some Goldendoodles could inherit a "colour fading gene" from their poodle parents.

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The website said: "What makes Poodles even more interesting is that they can start off one colour and then mature into a different one."

Other TikTokers were shocked to see Lexi's drastic transformation.

One said: "Mine was dark brown then boom he's grey!"

Another commented: "This looks just like our dog Dolly and she did the same thing!!!

"We have had our dog one year tomorrow. She was three months old and solid black and first cut looks IDENTICAL to your dog."

Another Goldendoodle owner was shocked when the purebred £1.7k puppy she bought grew to be something totally different.

The owner shared the video after claiming she was scammed by the breeder who had actually dyed the dog's fur.

Another pet owner was floored when the dog she paid £2000 for turned out to be a different breed than she wanted.

TikToker @healinghoundz thought she was paying for a purebred sausage dog, but was baffled to find out her beloved pup wasn't a sausage dog at all.

The puppy developed a head similar to a Jack Russell Terrier or could Australian Kelpie.

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The owner said: "When you pay for a pure breed miniature sausage dog with papers.

"And you end up with this. We got scammed. But we love him even more."

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