I bought a crossover top and couldn't wear a bra with it – my tape tip will give you great cleavage and support | The Sun

A WOMAN'S super-effective tape tip has transformed her cleavage in a crossover top.

She wasn't able to wear a bra with it, but she has now discovered boob tape that gives her great support.

This lady demonstrated just how breast tape should be used to achieve perky boobs.

Finding a bra that remains discretely hidden from view in a crossover-style top is an almost-impossible ask.

Going braless is not an option for women with generous proportions either.

Even modestly-sized women can be reluctant to go without chest support, but they still want some uplift.

But in this post, Risqué (@tryrisqué) showed it was possible to wear tops in this style with no bra and still have cleavage to be proud of.

Risqué has over 133,000 followers and another 5.3million likes on its TikTok.

Its content contains different ways of using breast tape and self-adhesive bras.

In this post, the creator was using Risque Body Tape for “push up and shape."

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She appeared in the post wearing a pink crossover top with one boob already taped up.

The effect of applying tape was obvious and the difference stark.

Positioning the tape on top of her top, she showed just how and where it should be fixed to achieve an uplift.

She stretched the first tape from just under the nipple across to the top of her cleavage, resting just above her breastbone.

For the second strip, she fixed it on the side of the first.

With a click of her fingers, the image changed to show both boobs taped up.

The uplift was instant and there was no tape on show.

One commenter was impressed: “It's the best."

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